The Ho-Ho-Kus Education Foundation is pleased to announce the latest in STEAM workplaces to be built right here in the Ho-Ho-Kus School.  Our goal is to support excellence in the classroom for every type of learner, and by doing so, engage the mind, foster confidence, and further open the door of possibility. Please consider donating to fund construction of this exciting project here.

Introducing the [C.O.]LAB

The most advanced STEAM space in Bergen County

Surrounding communities, including around the Northern Highlands consortium, have built spaces and hired faculty to advance STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) education. With your donations, the Ho-Ho-Kus Education Foundation will provide the same set of opportunities to our entire student population, as well as ensure that our ninth graders enter the regional high school system having developed a skill set that is consistent with that of their peers.

As the hub and the future of the school STEAM curriculum, the [C.O.]Lab will promote “Creative Opportunities” for learners of all ages and interests.  The space will feature:

  • Dedicated areas and carefully-selected furnishings to encourage a variety of learning modalities and methods of interaction, particularly peer-group collaboration. 

  • Multiple sketch/white board surfaces

  • Booth seating 

  • Flexible modern furniture

  • Tackable Wall Space 

  • Egg Chairs 

  • Accessible technology that integrates seamlessly into a creative process 

The Education Foundation set an ambitious goal of opening the [C.O.] Lab in the Spring of 2020. In order to meet this timeline, and with over 2/3 of the budget already secured, we are looking for donations to meet our total goal of raising $350,000. Donors will be featured on a beautifully designed DONOR WALL outside the [C.O.]LAB.

The Ho-Ho-Kus Education Foundation will be donating all of the funds necessary to complete the STEAM Lab at the Ho-Ho-Kus School. The Ed Foundation is pleased to fund such a worthwhile project that will enhance the educational program for the children of our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have already raised 2/3 of the funds necessary for the CoLab. Track our donation progress for the remaining funds needed:

Total Donations as of October 12th, 2019

Total Donations as of October 12th, 2019

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