Grants Funded for 2019-2020 

Through the generosity of Ho-Ho-Kus Families, and our partnership with school administration and faculty, the Education Founation is proud to announce some of the larger education enhancement requests we were able to grant: 

Author Visit, Gordon Korman: The author of this summer’s required reading, Mr. Korman will visit our campus in October. English students in grades 5-8 will be included in the program. 

High-Touch, High-Tech Weather: An in-house weather field trip in which third grade students learn all about weather, this program lets students take an up-close and hands-on look at a real tornado, make thunder, and discover for themselves the properties of air and air pressure. 

Wonders of the Universe: Fifth Grade Student/Parent Star Night, including the materials and speakers associated with it, helps the students master and understand the unit entitled Space Systems: Stars and The Solar System. 

LEGO Mindstorms: This grant includes materials that provide the basis for a comprehensive means of engaging students in STEM and computer science in the 21st century classroom. 

Guided Reading Library: Building on the books purchased last year, Guided Reading is small group reading instruction designed to provide differentiated teaching that supports students in developing reading proficiency. This program benefits students in grades K-4. 

Gymnasium Projector: The purpose of this project is to display instruction information and videos during PE Class. Additionally, it will allow the school to play videos in a large format during school-wide events such as pep rallies and the Angel Shoot-A-Thon. Students of all ages will benefit from this project. 

Standing Desks for Middle School Math: The educational purpose of standing desks is to incorporate movement during the learning process in math class to engage proven neurocognitive benefits, including improvements in executive functioning and working memory. 

We were also able to grant a number of other learning enhancements including:

  • A“Rainforest Butterfly Assembly” for Kindergarteners

  • The Reading A-Z program

  • Subscriptions to Let’s Find Out Magazine

  • The Super Stickers Wall Push Up Set

  • The RAZ Plus Learning Platform for teachers to track student data

  • Middle School Math materials

  • Co-funded the 7th grade Dear Evan Hansen field trip to Broadway and the 8th grade To Kill A Mockingbird field trip